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  Zhuji City Fuyida Machinery Co.,Ltd(FYD) is a professional Manufacture specialized in producing brake serial products for Trucks and trailers in China.We mainly deal in making kinds of brake Chamber,brake valve,clutch booster,air dryer,ect. FYD is located in Zhejiang provice,Zhuji city,Fengqiao Town East 3rd industrialPark,convenient in trffic and transport,and the products all are produced in accordance to ISO/TS16949:2009 System identification..

  Now FYD holds a batch of present professional technivians and Experts,FYD's service concept,strict on-post training and advanced Administrative system make the company in the leading position in The same field.FYD products,of complete kinds,excellent quality,low price,so having strongercompetent force in the markets ,and FYD's maintenance fitting sales networks are all over the country,reaching integration in complete-set and maintenance,so as to make the users be at ease and convenient.
  "FUYID"brand adheres to this belief that today's quality is Tomorrow's market,and that high-tech talents and advanced Equipment is the idea of development dynamic.FYD sincerely Hopes all the clients ,old and new,to come here for guiding Us ,cooperation with us hard by hand,and co-creating a more Beautiful tomorrow!
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Dirección:NO.95,Tianyang Rode,Fengqiao Town,Zhuji City,Zhejiang Province  Teléfono:0575-89092218  Fax:89094209
Código postal:311811 Buzón: 浙ICP备05053171号
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